The first month of homeschooling

My son and I have finally gotten in a groove with homeschooling. We start with his least favorite course and work to his favorite. From day to day that can change as to which is is favorite but we stay with the order we picked at the beginning. I let him decide what order he wanted, but we will keep the same schedule.

We chose A Becka’s 6th grade curriculum and so far it is going well. Sometimes I skip a lesson here and there, when I decide it is not something I consider relevant. There aren’t many of these lessons, but there are a few.

I was told that homeschooling would take about 3-4 hours of the day, but that is not how it is working out for us. This is probably because of the Asberger’s Syndrome because he can become quite stubborn when he is frustrated. This slows us down to a crawl.

We recently added the distraction of a new puppy. Maybe the timing wasn’t the best but we are working it out.

Thank you for stopping by, and if you are doing anything like this, I would love to hear from you 🙂

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Ordered the curriculum today

We finally decided on a curriculum. We chose A Beca. Mainly because it is the easiest for me to get into in the middle of the school year. I have opinions on certain subjects, but since we are workin on 6th grade, we have time to make more critical decisions.

Elijah is excited about being home schooled. We talked to him and let him put in his opinion. He will miss the friends he has made but they all live within a mile of our house so he will see them again. He wants to tell everyone, but he has to wait until I tell his teachers and the school board.

Now comes the hard part, getting a routine established. Wish us luck.

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The school loses my son

This afternoon, Elijah was supposed to stay after school to catch up on his work in his technology class. When I sent his sister to take the cell phone to him, she could not find him. She looked all over the school but could not find him. She went to the office where they announced his name.

There was a 6th grade dance going on so we went to see if he was there. We had his name announced. No luck. We checked the room where he was supposed to be again, not there. The office called all the teachers that he has during the day. No one had seen him. The Principal was notified and he started asking me for a picture of him. I started to panic….what do you need a picture for? Are you going to call the police? I called his father and he told me he was on his way.

He was finally found with the teacher he was supposed to be with, but in the wood shop where many machines had made it impossible for them to hear the announcements and phone ringing.

Overall, this took over an hour to find him. The whole school was on alert, and he was almost where he was supposed to be, but since he is Autistic, he sent us all into a panic in the end.

This was the moment when I made the final decision to homeschool him. We had been talking about it, for many different reasons, but this little heart attack made it final.

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